Faciliating NGO Operations in South Sudan

The Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) is an independent commission established through the RRC Act, 2016 issued by the government of the Republic of South Sudan. The RRC is a legal entity under the oversight of the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management. The commission headquarter is in Juba but has representation at State, County and Payam level. However, operations are not decentralized to the States, Counties and Payam.

RRC roles, operations, mandate and powers as defined in the RRC Act 2016 include but no limited to: Promoting awareness at grassroots level and in-depth rooting of the correct concepts for voluntary humanitarian work in coordination with relevant government institutions; Register and license Non-Governmental Organization; Coordinate, monitor and evaluate humanitarian programmes undertaken by Non-Governmental Organizations in South Sudan. RRC also facilitates partnership and coordination between NGOs and the government.

How we work


By registering with RRC, NGOs have a legal basis for their operation in South Sudan.

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RRC facilitates, coordinates and promotes NGOs Operations in South Sudan all round the clock!

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Our services are now online enabling NGOs to respond to humanitarian and developement needs in South Sudan fast, effectively and better!